About the ckc

College Knowledge Center is the Bryan - College Station area's premiere academic success and tutoring center for College Students at Blinn and Texas A&M. We focus on making sure each student has the individual attention to receive the skills necessary to succeed.


It is our philosophy that the pursuit of knowledge is the highest pursuit. Here at the knowledge center, we assist students in developing tools and techniques for long-term retention of concepts and information relevant to long-term success in their field. We emphasize core ideas over the next exam during a semester, and focus on understanding over cramming.

Our tutors are dedicated to ensuring that each student’s unique needs and perspectives are emphasized during our sessions in order to build as many connections between their current studies and their ambitions as possible. More than this, soft skills beyond classroom management are offered where appropriate.

During the summer, camps in a variety of areas become available. We offer camps for students interested in general life skills from managing their finances and paying their taxes to balancing their school and work lives. Other camps are offered targeting specific college entrance examinations with an emphasis on TSI, SAT, and ACT material. Finally, we have skill sharpening camps available over the summer for middle school, high school, and college students who want to keep their fundamentals sharp for their next year.



“Dr Poage is genuinely the best. She takes time to get to know everyone and doesn’t give up on you even when you let her know that you hate math. She has a knack for teaching math in a way that can almost be called fun. I am hopeless at math, but thanks to her and Leslie I was able to pass her class with an A. 10/10 recommend.”
— Hannah '21
“Leslie made my dream of getting into Mays Business School a reality! She didn’t just tutor in math and offer me academic advice, she believed in me and pushed me to succeed. She found a way for my dreams to come true, there is no-one else like her!”
— Connor '18
“From note taking skills, to study skills and everything in between, Mrs. McGinnis is the reason I am in the masters at Texas A&M University for education. Most importantly, she believes in her students and pushes them to succeed even if you have to try a second time. There is no way I would be where I am today without her help.”
— Amanda '19